I spent a professional career looking for a fast and effective way to help my clients find excellent and long-lasting solutions to the problems they were having. Time and time again, I would hear my clients say that they struggled because of small issues that just got in the way of the big picture stuff. These issues over time caused them distress and all they were searching for was a quick easy way to move forward.

Problems such as:

  • Over and emotional eating

  • Lack of motivation around exercise

  • Experiencing anxiety around trying new things

  • Phobias

  • Fear of not finding love

  • Working too much or too little

With traditional coaching methods, these problems get fixed with long term goals. I wanted to find a way to offer fast effective and lifetime lasting results.

I have trained in a vast number of personal development techniques; however, Rapid Change Therapy or RCT has proven time and again to be the fastest and most useful tool for getting my clients the results they want.

Because coaching works on a conscious cognitive level, it can be hard to pin down a problem and fix it efficiently. Rapid Change Therapy works on a subconscious level through deep relaxation and hypnosis. T    his means not only are the results fast but they require you to do very little. That's right! All you have to do is sit comfortably and listen to the sound of my voice; the rest is taken care of without you needing to do a thing.

Working with me takes six sessions with the option to continue to twelve sessions if you want to take a deeper dive. 

Sometimes the behaviour you want to change is a result of childhood trauma or a modelled behaviour. Working on a deeper level means my clients have experienced massive shifts in one or two sessions. This option is entirely up to you.





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