This episode I welcome Candace stuart-findlay to The Inner Warrior podcast.

Candace shares The divine heart coherence meditation with us. This guided visualisation, takes you through a spiritual alignment process.

Heres an intro from Candaces website.

This energy-shifting technique allows for a very expansive meditation experience. It will naturally quiet the mental “chatter” if practiced with intention.

Remember, our body reacts the same to the imagined as it does to the “real.” If you doubt that try this, close your eyes and fully imagine a lemon wedge in front of you…smell it, see it in your imagination. Now imagine biting into the juicy lemon wedge. Notice how your saliva glands respond and that there is a natural “puckering” reaction to the “sourness.”

When we fully engage in the imagined feeling all else responds as if the experience is happening in the Now Moment.

The below is from my guidebook, Spiritual Transformation Simplified™.

1. First select your Coherence activator. This will be a moment in nature that you directly experienced. A moment that was so awe-inspiring that when you recall it, you can’t help but smile because it evokes such pure joy. This moment in nature strongly invoked a feeling of being a part of the beauty surrounding you, creating a sensation of Creator connectedness. (This recall visualization will be your Coherence activator. Similar to the old-fashioned water hand pumps which required water poured in, “prime the pump,” before water could be pumped out, your activator visualization will “prime” your heart to shift frequency range into Joy/Love/Divine Heart Coherence™.)

2. Close your eyes, breathe deeply for half a minute, and bring your focus to your heart chakra. Touch your fingertips upon your heart chakra, at the base of the sternum/breast bone, to help do so. (The physical heart has 40 million neurons, is the body’s primary transmitter of Electromagnetic energy and additionally functions as the “switch” for the Autonomic Nervous System. How we feel activates the heart switch. If we are primarily feeling fearful, whether consciously or unconsciously, the switch is signaled to flip our Autonomic System into the Stress or Sympathetic mode. Conversely, if we are primarily feeling joyful our heart switch will flip our Autonomic System to the Restorative or Parasympathetic mode.)

3. With fingertips upon your heart chakra, continue to breathe deeply and visualize yourself fully engaged in your special moment in nature. Imagine whatever that may be for you as clearly and fully as possible. See the colors and feel the sensations in your body…be there. Deeply feel every sensation of joy you remember experiencing in that exhilarating personal moment in nature.

4. Allow the feeling and sensation of joy to expand in your heart and chest. Direct its flow from your heart into all of your body in a Counter-Clockwise flow. Imagine it flowing gently out from the heart into your left hand, through your body, out your right hand and flowing back into your left hand. Counter-Clockwise energy flow is expanding and will assist and support your shift into an expansive feeling frequency alignment.

5. Be with this feeling. Note how your chest feels lighter and more expanded. Your heart is now in Divine Heart Coherence™; your heart is in harmonic Coherence with the Divine Center frequency of Joy/Love.

6. Visualize the Divine Center frequency as a beam of Counter-Clockwise flowing Light transmitting out of your heart into a Bright Light (representing Divine Center/Source), and then from the Source Light, visualize a beam of the same Love/Joy Counter-Clockwise energy flowing into your belly button. This is the location of your Enteric Nervous System, also known as the Belly Brain, which is the primary receiver of Electromagnetic frequencies into the body. (The Belly Brain has 100 million neurons, stores 95% of the Serotonin created by the body, is the “tuner” of the Brain Antenna, and much more.)

7. Visualize the Divine Heart Coherence™/Joy/Love Counter-Clockwise energy cycling from the heart into the Source Light, from the Source Light in to the Belly Brain. Continue with the Counter-Clockwise spiraling cyclic energy flow until you experience a sensation of warmth and “unwinding” within the area surrounding your belly button.

8. If you observe a tightness in a specific location in your body, visualize the Counter-Clockwise Coherence frequency flowing there and say this phrase: “Deactivate – Dissolve – Release”. This phrase will help shift the fear frequency induced tightness back into the Lightness of Coherence.

9. Next, visualize a beam of Counter-Clockwise energy flow from the Source Light into the Pineal gland. (The Pineal gland is located nearly in the center of the head, in between the ears and straight down from the head top center. The Pineal gland contains microscopic Calcite crystals, which have two primary functions; first to magnify Electromagnetic frequency data received, and then multi-directionally radiate the frequency data outward.}

10. Lastly, visualize a fourth Counter-Clockwise beam of Source Light flow into your back in between the shoulder blades, flowing through your body back out your heart spiraling Counter-Clockwise into the Source Light. (Your toroidal flow is now shifted to the frequency range of Joy/Love. Embrace this expanded centered space, empowering the Divine Heart Coherence™ frequency to automatically attune the brain antenna via the Belly Brain to receive guidance from the Divine Center, your Creator Self.)

11. Remain in Coherence for a minimum of ten minutes.

Please refer to the below diagram for a visual of the Counter-Clockwise spiraling flow of energy. (Illustration created by Candace Stuart-Findlay)

12. Have FUN!

I invite you to play with this frequency shifting technique and observe what shifts in your “Outside World” experience. And remember how powerful we collectively are when we individually shift our focus from fear to Love…from anger to Joy!

Please note: It is highly recommended to download a copy of the above Divine Heart Coherence™ Technique instructions. Read them through a few times before attempting to shift your frequency with this technique.

To download the file, please click here :

Divine Heart Coherence™ TechniqueDownload

To additionally support exploration into shifting your energy via the Divine Heart Coherence™ technique, I created a Divine Heart Coherence™ guided visualization meditation audio file. The music only portion of the audio file provides further expansion support via its 963Hz Solfeggio tone base track mix. The 963Hz Solfeggio tone specifically expands connection with your Creator Self.

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