Smash through self limiting beliefs

Updated: Nov 4, 2017

Smash through that negative self talk, it doesn't belong to you it does not serve you. A self limiting belief is the one you believe to be true when you encounter a situation where you have a choice of whether to take action or to take no action.  Situations like, trying anew experience, accepting an offer, going on a date, signing up for something the list goes on. Self limiting beliefs stem from fear.

Fears hold us back, they are self created. Terror on the other hand is a survival instinct. Don't get the two mixed up. Terror serves to keep us wise, fear serves to restrict us.

So how do we go about releasing ourselves from fear and the limitations we impose on ourselves. Thankfully there are many ways.

I will share one with you now.

The belief system is a quick and straightforward excercise that concentrates on the here and the now. This will work best if you know you will be facing a situation where your limiting beliefs have or feel like they will let you down.

Write down a self belief that is negative, At the bottom of a page or imagine and visualise that belief in a landscape as long as it is at the bottom. That's where it belongs, it is obsolete.

Go above and write out a belief that you know to be true about yourself. This is important even if it is only one belief or half a belief write it down give it power! Feel it see it embody it.

If you find yourself saying anything negative write it down at the bottom. 

Find more beliefs that you know to be try and write them down, believe in them Believe they are true! Because they are. Believe it! These are your empowering beliefs.

With your list of positive beliefs you can write out separately and throw away the negative beliefs. Take your positive beliefs and hold them on your heart and feel them see them or hear them become part of your core. Take this feeling and go into the situation you are facing, go into it and act in resonance with your beliefs.

This in itself is a powerful process, the recognition of empowering beliefs makes us feel good. And this is about feeing good!

The next stage is optional, it will build on the first part of the excercise.

With your list of empowering beliefs, start to compare them. Here's an example list.

1 I am able 2 I can use my voice 3 I am open to new ideas 4. I am awesome

I will ask myself which one I resonate with the most by marking them as I compare them. If I resonate more with 1 than 2 then I put a mark by 1. If I resonate more with 1 than 3 I put a mark by 1.

Work your way down each one, total up the marks and list them highest point to lo

west point.

The one at the top is the beliefs that is with you today, your most empowering thought.

Reflect on this thought as you enter into the experience you are facing. Take it with you and act in resonance with this belief.

You've got this!

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