The roots of disempowered thinking.

I was on the underground not long ago, and I was going up the escalators at Hyde park. It's one of the longest escalators on the underground, a dizzying sliding staircase. There are billboards everywhere in london as there are in every city. Even on the underground, this escalator is beset with mini boards. Telling me what I needed! Why I needed it! It's hard not to be taken in by these adverts as they ooze into our heads subliminally. My own personal dislike is for fashion magazines, now please shoot me if you disagree. At the core of these boards is the instruction of how to look, I friend of mine recently spoke out on body shaming from a female perspective. It's not a new argument, but it is still a very pertinent one when discussing how our society chooses to nurture self image.

The insidious oozing of suggestion that you as you are, are not enough.

You are enough, you are more than enough, in fact the word enough does not come close to describe how perfect and complete you are.

Once the focus is turned from the outside toward the inside we discover what it is we need from ourselves. We have all the answers all the knowledge. Every tool we need to overcome negative self image is within us. There is no external product that will help, you are the greatest tool you will ever need.

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