Vulnerability isn’t marketing it’s just part of the process.

Here’s the thing. As Petra Velzeboer pointed out in my recent post. Vulnerability isn’t a marketing tool.

Vulnerability in coaching is part of a holistic approach to someone’s transformation.

Within what I do we look at the future, past and present visions of oneself.

Where were they, where are they and where they want to be.

I combine healing, discussion, art therapy, powerful visualisation and creativity, to help my clients heal past experiences that left them hardened and experience a sense of oneness.

When someone has been hardened by life experiences, they don’t want to suddenly become vulnerable. What they want is for life to stop being so difficult. They want their happiness and the freedom they see other people enjoying.

There will come a time where they, out of their own volition go back to the experience where they hardened.

They will go back to those feelings and they reframe and heal them.

Then when they are achieving those dreams they never thought they would?

They look back and see.

“I was vulnerable with myself, and it was okay”

They reflect on why they feel liberated, fearless and for the first time. Truly happy.

That’s because they’ve gone back to their biggest risk. They’ve healed it and understood it. With no big risk to themselves they are free to move forward without it.

Being vulnerable wasn’t the be all and end of the process its just one step that happens often without realising it.

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