You need to know about Depersonalisation Disorder.

Depersonalisation disorder is a condition that affects millions but it is also one of the least known about conditions.

Possibly because it’s hard to define, I have encountered stigma around sharing it because it deals with a complete detachment from self, not recognising your own body, not recognising memories as your own.

I could be mid episode and not recognise my Mother because all my memories were not mine, no emotion attachment to anything.

Try explaining that to HR.

You can broaden your awareness today by reading this post.

DPD affects 2% of the population in the U.K. alone.

It is often Mis-diagnosed and therefor left intreated or even worse mis-treated.

So what can you do?

Awareness, awareness, awareness!

The more is known the more can be understood and the more can be accepted!

More so if you or someone you know experiences DPD you can find more accurate levels of support.