I have spoken to men and women all over the world on the subject of masculinity mental health and emotional resilience, here are some choice selections.



Interview of Unleashing Courage to get through Addiction.


 Susan Yockey over at Treasure State Radio. All about my struggles with masculinity, and how I discovered my inner warrior and overcame my limitations to be the greatest version of myself.


An incredible interview with Pauline Crawford Omps, on the changing roles of masculinity through the 20th century.


 Munira speaks, on the crisis facing masculinity.


A fascinating talk with Candace Stuart-Findlay on the way in which masculine energy can be channeled.


How can we balance masculine and feminine energy to create abundance and courage, with Michele CH Lee.


Special guest on Paul Averils MAN BITS Podcast


Special guest on The Early risers Podcast


Special guest on Adversity to advantage Podcast


Special guest on Transformational Radio


Special guest on the Real Men Feel Podcast


Special guest on The Men on Purpose Podcast


Special guest on The Beyond Homosapien Podcast


Special guest on The Modern Man Club Podcast


Special Guest on the Stay in the fight Podcast


Special Guest on Man Talk Radio with Kenny Marmella'dcruz