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Rapid Change Therapy with Henry Johnstone

FreeMind Rapid Change Therapy

Freemind Rapid Change Therapy

FreeMind Rapid Change Therapy is a  highly effective form of hypnotherapy therapy that has gained popularity in recent years. It is designed to create rapid and long-lasting change in an individual's life by identifying and resolving the root causes of their issues quickly.


FreeMind rapid change therapy offers clients a powerful way to identify and change deeply rooted, unconscious negative patterns, designed to help you uncover and heal unconsciously held wounds and self-sabotage.

There are several reasons why Rapid Change Therapy is so effective:

Focused approach:

Rapid Change Therapy is a focused and goal-oriented therapy that targets specific issues in an individual's life. This focused approach allows for more efficient treatment and quicker results.​

Evidence-based techniques:

Rapid Change Therapy utilises a range of evidence-based techniques and interventions that have been proven to be effective in creating lasting change. These techniques include cognitive-behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, and neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

Holistic approach:

Rapid Change Therapy takes a holistic approach to treatment, addressing the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of an individual's wellbeing. By addressing all aspects of a person's life, Rapid Change Therapy can create deep and long-lasting change.


Rapid Change Therapy is highly personalised to the individual's needs and goals. This ensures that the therapy is tailored to the individual's circumstances, allowing for more effective treatment.

Rapid results:

FreeMind Rapid Change Therapy is designed to create rapid results. This is achieved by utilising efficient techniques and interventions that create change quickly. Long-lasting change: Rapid Change Therapy is not just about creating rapid change, but also about creating long-lasting change. By addressing the root causes of an individual's issues and providing them with the tools they need to maintain their progress, Rapid Change Therapy can create profound lasting change in an individual's life.

Henry Johnstone, Freemind Rapid Change Therapy Master Practitioner
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