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About Henry


I have one mantra.

"No one need suffer in silence".


Over the last 15 years, I have immersed myself in compassionate self-inquiry. I found myself being drawn to the healing approaches that create deep inner safety and profound connectedness to our sense of self.


  In my experience, the approaches that have offered the deepest healing and empowering potential are hypnotherapy, Freemind rapid change therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, emotional resilience training, coaching, and spiritual practices. These methods have facilitated profound and enduring transformations, and have also played a crucial role in fostering personal growth and well-being. They address the core of human suffering and provide pathways to reclaiming our innate capacity for healing and wholeness.


Throughout this journey, I have found my calling in integrating these diverse approaches into a holistic, compassionate practice focused on deep healing. I am steadfast in my belief in the innate potential of the human heart's healing capacity.


My clients are individuals navigating internal struggles, feeling the increasing uncertainty of life and, more challengingly, uncertainty within themselves. I know this journey well because it mirrors my own path. Before choosing to become a therapist, I sought happiness and fulfillment in all the wrong places, faced heartbreak and trauma, and endured life events that left me questioning my identity and direction.


Through my journey back to embracing life, I dedicated the next 15 years to learning how to help others make sense of their experiences and rebuild the lost parts of themselves. I believe in the incredible strength of the human spirit and the immense capacity we each have to heal from our struggles. I have had the privilege of witnessing the resilience of the human heart—not only recovering from trauma, confusion, loss, fear, and darkness but thriving, shining, and embracing life with renewed clarity and peace of mind. The issues I help my clients with are those I have personally experienced and navigated in my own life. You will encounter trauma and difficulty in your life, and it is not your path to be shackled to the past. You are deeply deserving.


I bring unparalleled compassion, care, and commitment to my work as a therapist. The results are evident in the lives transformed across the globe.


I warmly welcome you to this healing space, where your journey will be heard, witnessed, and supported with the utmost care and empathy. Together, we are navigating the path forward with softness, clarity, and intentional healing.




My 17 yo daughter has an OCD and anxiety disorder which had been under control but flared badly during the lockdown. We approached Henry at a time of crisis. The first session made an immediate difference to sleep and from then Henry was able to guide my daughter, via some inner child work, to a place of much deeper calm, with a mindset and the tools to help herself and the safety net of knowing that Henry is always there, If you have a tricky teen then Henry is your man.


Wendy. Winchester

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