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 Integrative Hypnotherapy for anger


Uncontrolled or suppressed anger carries with it a shame, a guilt, and a deep sadness. Unresolved this leads to feelings of wounding, inadequacy, and powerlessness. In our attempts to be heard we feel unworthy of the love we deserve.
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"The anger work with Henry has been an exciting and fascinating journey. I feel like I’m in control of it now, instead of the other way around, able to use its energy and power to focus and have clarity and vision. I can’t recommend Henry's anger work enough, it has changed my life!"

- Peter. NY

The goal of anger management therapy is to help you understand, process, and manage your anger in healthier and more conscious ways. Anger often stems from unresolved emotions and past experiences that can be addressed to find peace and balance. Unresolved anger issues can stem from childhood, an experience, or an event. Anger can often be a response to you feeling unseen, unheard, or under threat. We are not taught about anger so our understanding often limits our ability to see it as anything other than a negative. Your relationship to your anger is the source of your greatest healing. The emotional alchemy of retrieving the most wounded parts from anger creates flow and freedom where there was once explosion or suffocation.

The therapy process involves creating a safe and supportive environment where you can explore the root causes of your anger. Techniques such as hypnotherapy and dialogue are used to uncover and address the underlying triggers. By identifying and expressing the emotions and needs that contribute to your anger, you can develop more intuitive and effective ways to process and integrate these feelings.

Suppressed anger can be particularly damaging, as it often leads to chronic stress, emotional numbness, and physical health issues. Many individuals feel ashamed or guilty for experiencing anger, which only compounds the problem. In therapy, we address this suppression, allowing you to acknowledge and release these emotions safely.

Through this process, you will learn to reframe negative beliefs and behavioural patterns, fostering greater self-awareness and emotional regulation. This can lead to improved relationships, enhanced communication, relief from physical symptoms related to chronic anger, and a more balanced, peaceful life.

Anger management therapy is a powerful tool for those seeking to resolve past wounds, reduce the shame associated with expressing or suppressing anger, or the most they suppressed anger, and cultivate a healthier, more compassionate relationship with themselves and others.

Here are some common signs of unresolved anger issues:


do you:

  • Feel angry and irritable

  • Feel reactive

  • Feel shame, guilt, or sadness regarding your anger

  • Explode physically or verbally when angry

  • Feel defensive more than open

  • Worry your family or friends tread on eggshells around you

  • Feel shame or ashamed about your anger

  • Feel inadequate or powerless

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