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I have had and continue to have the most wonderful opportunities to work alongside wonderful men and women on their journeys. They are a shining reminder of the absolute power of the human heart's ability to heal and transform. And an inspiring reminder that we all have the capacity and capability to release the shackles of our past and present so that we can embrace and participate fully in our lives.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Therapy is not only about healing, it is so much more. We rediscover ourselves, our joys, and our loves, and with a profound beauty cultivate a life that fulfills and emboldens us.

" I was completely overwhelmed, dealing with recent trauma and trying to stay capable for everyone around me, blocking and suppressing my own emotions. Henry is empathetic, and calm, and made me feel safe, he has an incredibly kind soul.  I’ve never felt more understood. After my first session, it was like I could breathe again.

Even though my recent trauma was something you could think only a woman might be able to understand or empathise with. I felt I could talk about anything, raw and openly without any fear of judgment. 

The changes have been huge, in fact, they have been life-changing. I have been able to leave a relationship that was unhealthy, I have got confidence and I have a much better understanding of myself and my worth. 

Henry has enabled me to understand and recognise my feelings and emotions, he’s helped me find a voice and genuinely without our sessions, I wouldn’t have made the progress in my life feeling the confidence I do with the changes I’ve made. 


I recommend Henry with confidence knowing how amazing the sessions were in helping me to understand myself, heal trauma and most importantly find happiness in myself. "

- Rachel. Newmarket.

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