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Henry Johnstone, Hypnotherapy London
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 Therapy is your journey to release wounds of the past. and to integrate and embrace the parts of yourself that you value. helping you to return home to your truest sense of self.


Therapy is more than healing; it’s an invitation to say yes to life and yourself again, opening up to a richer, more fulfilling existence.

integrative Hypnotherapist 

Master Freemind Hypnotherapist

Rapid Change Hypnotherapist


Unparalleled rapid transformation. 
Freedom from the beliefs, the feelings,  the patterns, and behaviours you want to change.

 " I recommend Henry with confidence knowing how amazing the sessions were in getting me to understand myself. The changes have been huge, in fact, they have been life-changing. " - R. Newmarket

Henry Johnstone, Freemind Rapid Change Therapy, London


Deep Peace | Integration 
the invitation to heal more deeply and bring yourself into profoundly peaceful loving alignment.

​Integrative hypnotherapy is a modality that recognises every person's innate perfection and ability to be healed holistically from an integrated approach. It draws upon the profound effectiveness of hypnotherapy, rapid change therapy, the Freemind system of healing, and therapeutic discussion.  I believe first and foremost that everyone can have the opportunity to heal their wounded or more difficult parts from the inside out.


My role as a therapist is to empower each one of my clients to discover their own complete and whole greatness. My approach is built on the core value that my work honours and supports the psychological, emotional, and spiritual essence of every one of my clients. No two clients are the same, and each individual requires in-depth and careful consideration when moving forward to a richer more fulfilling life. I pride myself on creating a supremely safe space wherein you can explore, understand and profoundly heal your blocks to a fulfilling life. 

My approach focuses on the pillars of peace, and integration.

Deep peace

The pillar of deep peace focuses on repairing subconscious beliefs and behaviors rooted in past traumas and old patterns, longstanding and current challenges.

Through hypnotherapy, regression, inner child work, and parts negotiation and reflective discussion and guidance, we delve into the core of your being to heal and transform these deeply held experiences. This process gently unravels the layers of old thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, fostering profound insights and wise awareness. As we engage in this transformative journey, we achieve deeper peace, allowing us to live with greater harmony, balance, and emotional freedom.


Where fragmented aspects of the self are woven together into a harmonious whole. This process fosters inner power, alignment, and beauty. Through integration, we can uncover a profound sense of self-awareness and congruence, allowing us to move forward with renewed clarity. Integration brings about a deep, inner peace, creating a life where authenticity and fulfillment flourish.

 By creating changes in these areas, you can rapidly begin to enjoy more freedom from past blocks, difficulties, and challenges. My role is to support you in cultivating peace and lasting contentedness and connectedness in your life.


I am dedicated to giving you the best techniques and the deepest understanding so that you can make deeply rewarding changes in your life. 

Do you:

  • Want to explore alternatives to traditional talking therapy?

  • Want to discover the root of your unhelpful behaviours?

  • Want to understand yourself more deeply and compassionately?

  • Want to experience deep peace and balance within yourself?

  • Want to start a new chapter in your life and participate fully in it?

  • Want to discover how to create deep and lasting fulfillment and balance in your life and relationships?

Is your life being affected by:

  • A recent and difficult change in your life.

  • Self-sabotage, in work, or your relationships.

  • Anxiety or depression.

  • Intrusive thoughts or OCD.

  • Uncertainty in your life direction.

  • A difficult relationship, upbringing, or event.

  • Feeling unhappy and unfulfilled but unsure as to why.

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, it is likely that you would benefit hugely from Integrative rapid change therapy.

Send me a message if you'd like to learn more.


" I always struggled with low esteem and always felt that I had to fight to survive. I felt a deep sadness but never understood what caused it. My default setting was anger. I used to suffer from feelings of deep injustice.

 My deep sadness has now left me and I feel genuinely much happier. 
Henry is the embodiment of the consummate professional while also being extremely generous. He always makes you feel safe and able to face the most difficult and entrenched issues as he gently talks you through every step. The ultimate confidence builder. He is one in a million and anyone lucky enough to find him will benefit from his glorious life-changing care. "

J. Cornwall

Henry Johnstone Hypnotherapist, London UK
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