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Henry Johnstone, Hypnotherapy London
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Integrative Freemind Hypnotherapist

FreeMind master Rapid Change Therapist.

Trauma, self-sabotage and Inner child therapy specialist.


Unparalleled rapid transformation. 
Freedom from the beliefs, feelings and behaviours you want to change.

Henry Johnstone, Freemind Rapid Change Therapy, London



​Integrative FreeMind Hypnotherapy recognises the innate perfection of every person, believing first and foremost that everyone can heal themselves from the inside out. My role as a hypnotherapist is to empower each one of my clients to discover their own complete and whole greatness. My approach is built on the core value that my work honours and supports the psychological, emotional, and spiritual essence of every one of my clients. No two clients are the same, and each individual requires in-depth and careful consideration when moving forward to a richer more fulfilling life. I pride myself on creating a supremely safe space wherein you can explore, understand and profoundly heal your blocks to a fulfilling life. 

The FreeMind therapy system focuses on the three pillars of peace, power, and purpose.

Deep peace

from past trauma through regression, inner child work, and parts negotiation.

Unlimited power

by learning where you sabotage your worth, potential, and power.

Profound purpose

by embodying your potential beautifully openly and lovingly.

 By creating changes in these three areas, you can rapidly begin to enjoy more success and happiness in your life.


I am dedicated to giving you the best techniques and the deepest understanding so that you can make deeply rewarding changes in your life. 

Do you:


Want to explore alternatives to traditional therapy.

Want to discover the root of your unhelpful behaviors.

Want to experience deep peace and balance within yourself.

Are you:

Struggling with a recent change in your life.

Struggling with self-sabotage, in work or your relationships.

Experiencing anxiety or depression.

Feeling unhappy and unfulfilled but are unsure why.

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, it is likely that you would benefit hugely from Integrative FreeMind Therapy.

Send me a message if you'd like to learn more.


I have seen rapid changes in the areas we have worked in. In just a couple of sessions, Henry has helped me break negative patterns of OCD. we have also done a lot of inner child work, which has helped me to find resolutions to previous trauma. initially, I was surprised with how quickly I was seeing results, however, the work done together is very deliberate and Henry has a unique way of working that has produced profound results.


J. London

Henry Johnstone Hypnotherapist, London UK
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